a new portal for managing subscription to Premium SMS services

Luxembourg mobile operators POST Telecom, Tango, Orange [Eltrona] and the SMS routing/billing specialist Mpulse launched the self-servicing web portal for Luxembourg mobile phone subscribers in March 2022. This secure website enables Luxembourg subscribers to manage their Premium SMS service subscriptions: retrieve existing subscriptions for services charged via mobile phone bills, get contact details of content providers operating these services, request additional information about service subscriptions and trigger an unsubscribe process directly from the website.


This feature is part of the overall quality framework for Premium SMS services, which guarantees transparent registration/service termination processes, pricing information and thorough monitoring mechanisms, thus both empowering and protecting consumers. Premium SMS is indeed the most accessible and convenient billing method for low value payments. Mobile operators and service providers have established and adhere to a thorough set of rules of conduct and rely on an efficient technical and operational setup to address any issues that may arise in the context of consumer/content provider relations.


Consumers that want to unsubscribe from Premium SMS services with recurring (e.g. weekly/monthly) billing shall first contact the content/service providers to which they subscribed for the service to request termination. This can also be done by sending the keyword STOP in a text message to the service’s short code (the 5-digit number used by the service from which billing/subscription text messages are sent – please refer to the informational SMS messages received at the time of subscription activation and in each monthly billing message). Alternatively, termination of the service can also be requested through the website