Our Story

Mpulse is Luxembourg’s prime telecoms messaging, routing and micro-payments gateway since 2006.

Mpulse was established as a spin-off of Nvision, a Luxembourg-based web agency, focusing both on messaging and micropayment services, as well as helping companies to develop, deliver, and bill for mobile content, messaging, and applications. Today, Mpulse handles over 90% of Premium SMS payments and high-end routing in Luxembourg. Mpulse’s current solutions combine payment and messaging products with state-of-the-art interfaces, technical applications and expert-services.

Mpulse has strong relations with mobile operators, mobile content and service providers both in Luxembourg and neighbouring countries France, Belgium and Germany.

In 2010, the company founders launched a R&D project with the help of the Luxembourg Government, aiming at creating a universal mobile payments platform. This development was brought into the Digicash project that became Luxembourg’s bank-centric mobile payment product and acceptance network. This project was spun off Mpulse in 2012 to establish a new company named Digicash Payments SA, that was granted a full EU payment institution licence the same year by the Luxembourg Minister of Finance.

Digicash is used by more than 20% of the Luxembourg population on a monthly basis, mostly to pay their bills and to trigger quick and easy person-to-person payments by mobile phone. Digicash became the Luxembourg banks’ mobile payment product, over 20% of the population uses the App.

In June 2015, Mpulse France was acquired by Dimoco, one of the leading European carrier-billing specialists in order to allow the company to reinforce its presence on the French market. The founders made their first major exit when Digicash was acquired by Payconiq in August 2017 for marketing and sales activities. The technical platform is operated by Finologee, Mpulse’s and Digicash’s founders new venture, Finologee, established in August 2017.


Our Corporate Setup

Entreprise notifiée

Mpulse SA operates as a regulated Luxembourg telecommunications operator (“Entreprise notifiée”) under the supervision of the Institut Luxembourgeois de Regulation (ILR – It has direct connections to all Luxembourg mobile operators and provides international routing coverage with its partners. Mpulse also operates its own connection to the Luxembourg mobile number portability database. This enables it to optimise routing and guarantee the highest delivery rates.

Operational Excellence

The company is managed by the same team of entrepreneurs as its sister company Finologee ( On the technical side, operations, development, product implementation and testing are handled by the Finologee Tech team on behalf of Mpulse. This particular setup ensures operational excellence that meets financial industry standards.

Finologee provides the tools and platforms to digitalise financial industry customer experiences and processes, with a special focus on payments and digital AML/KYC. Over 40 financial institutions, corporate clients and public sector entities rely on its services. The company operates under a ‘PSF de Support’ licence by the Luxembourg Minister of Finance. This unique setup by Mpulse and Finologee enables the companies to cover a wide variety of both telecom and financial industry-compliant needs.

Today, Raoul Mulheims, Georges Berscheid, Jonathan Prince and Didier Spick own 100% of the shares of Mpulse and Finologee through the parent company NGFS Partners SARL. The entrepreneurs also manage day-to-day operations.

Mpulse is headquartered in the business district of Leudelange near Luxembourg City.

Industry self-regulation policies and practices

Mpulse has been promoting best practices, guidelines and self-regulation frameworks and initiatives for Premium SMS and SMS routing services in the industry since its establishment in 2006. The company operates several services and systems that help consumers, content providers and mobile operators manage service subscriptions and increase transparency. Consumers/mobile phone subscribers may use the service to manage their subscriptions – more information on this feature is available here.



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