Telecom Messaging

Send & receive SMS to Luxembourg numbers and abroad using our premium connections to Luxembourg mobile operators

Push Messaging

Send & receive mass messages or non-critical notifications via our high-performance push SMS gateway.

Critical Messaging

High-quality and preferred two-way SMS routing directly delivered to Luxembourg mobile operator’s networks.


Telecom Billing

A fast and easy pay-by-SMS system to generate revenues from your digital content, subscription-based services, donations and much more.

SMS Payments

Choose between one-off SMS payments or recurring SMS payments by end-users to grow and scale your revenues.

Direct Carrier Billing

Receive payments up to 50€ directly billed on the operator’s monthly invoices of your customers.


Receive donations triggered by SMS effortlessly. Text-to-donate is among the fastest and most immediate ways to give.


From our customers

Explore what our customers are developing with our routing and mobile payment APIs.



Mpulse focuses both on telecom messaging and telecom billing services and thus helps companies to develop, deliver, and bill for mobile content, messaging, and applications.

Strong carrier relationships, a reliable technology platform, local regulations knowledge, marketing expertise and proven supporting services are the key ingredients of our successful solutions to deliver and receive text messages and bill Luxembourg mobile users.

Mpulse has been operating direct connections to Luxembourg mobile operators and neighboring countries for two-way text messaging, Premium SMS billing and direct carrier billing since 2006. It also has access to the national portability database and is the preferred partner of mobile operators for high-performance telecom routing and billing.

Both Luxembourg and international clients rely on Mpulse’s services, such as all Luxembourg media outlets, many banks and insurance companies, retailers, public institutions and players from other industries.


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