Editus, as official publisher of Luxembourg’s Yellow Pages and White Pages telephone directory and search engine specialist, has deployed an innovative service dedicated to the restaurants and their guests.  

This service invites people that are looking for a restaurant on the Editus.lu pages to quickly book a table by simply clicking a button. 

The tool allows the guest to choose his preferred date and time slot and he’s then asked to provide his mobile phone number to receive the confirmation from the restaurant. 

The selected restaurant is instantly notified and can confirm the booking.  Once confirmed by the restaurant, the guest then receives a confirmation on his phone from “BOOKme”.  

Sebastien Goubrievsky, Editus’ Marketing Manager, explains why they have chosen this name for their Sender ID:  

Editus started to communicate on the name “BOOKme” as an additional service proposed to  the HO-RES-CA Industry in 2015. BOOKme was the apparent choice for us because it sounds like the restaurants are telling the customers “save your time, Book Me Now by clicking here”. This is a big competitive advantage for our customers. Mpulse offered us the possibility to also use this name as the Sender ID of the SMS confirmation sent to the restaurants’ guests. It appeared obvious that the customers would instantly identify that the SMS is coming from the booking service they have just used on Editus’s website.”