The Syndicat Intercommunal de Gestion Informatique (SIGI) is a public actor in Luxembourg serving more than 600,000 citizens.

SIGI creates IT solutions adapted to municipal missions and used by all municipalities in Luxembourg as well as other administrations. With 38 years of experience, SIGI is the creator of GESCOM,, COCKPIT and SIGINOVA.

One of the solutions created by SIGI is sms2citizen. The goal is to offer the municipalities a powerful communication tool towards their citizens, next to other tools as websites and printed publications. The brand sms2citizen needed to be integrated in the communication in order to building up trust.

That’s why, when SIGI requested Mpulse’s Services in 2018 we recommended using “sms2citizen” as the sender identification based on an alphanumeric solution instead of the usual short code e.g. 64111 used previosuly.

Carlo Gambucci, Director of SIGI, explains:

“The idea behind the solution “sms2citizen” is to enable city offices to communicate efficiently with registered citizens through SMS. Using SMS gives the opportunity to reach citizens who don’t have access to smartphones or internet. Another big advantage is the rapidity with which citizens can be reached, which is essential in crisis communication: school closure, road works or, as in the last months, information about sanitary measures.

A major asset is the possibility to use “sms2citizen” as the sender ID of the message instead of an anonymous short code. This feature makes it easier for citizens to identify the sender of the communication. City offices are now sending an average of 120K SMSs each month with a sky-high average delivery rate of 95%.”